About us


Bagare Brage have a long tradition of baked goods. In September 2016, Marie and PeO Andersson, were handed the keys to the bakery and shop. Our ambition is to provide high quality cakes, pastries and bread.

We bake fresh bread every morning so that you can get your breakfast from us. You are welcome to visit us when you long for a cinnamon bun and cappuccino in our café, when you want to throw a party with princess cake, or have a prawn sandwich for a quick lunch. We are constantly evolving with new products and services, please share your ideas and wishes with us.

Today the bakery is filled with qualified pastry cooks and bakers, and behind the counter you will meet our friendly and service minded staff.


In the 1950’s, the bakery opened its doors at Karlsbrovägen for the first time. Since the beginning the bakery has had several owners and names: Nilssons konditori, Hjelms konditori, Kurt Bagare and from 1983 Konditori Bagare Brage with the Brage Normark family. Brage had years of routine from Juhlins konditori in Skövde. Together with his wife Christina and children Ann and Eddy he successfully ran the bakery with a reputation for delicious cakes, pastries and baked goods.